Procrastination = MAJOR flaws!


As always, I have had WAY too much on my plate!  I just get TOO frickin’ excited about new fun projects that present themselves!  The last two weeks have been crazy enough as is, trying to put on the school art show for Spring Fest as well as figuring out  a brand new summer camp/class on request of my students and all the year-end activities! Ahhhh!  As if that has not made me cRaZy(er), my cousin and my sister both had projects for me…both sounded great at the time until I began lol!



My cousin is new to a sorority this year and has become obsessed with it, submersing herself in every aspect – including event planning (in which she has no experience) and senior hand-made gifts (in which she has no business taking on – no creativity or imagination haha).  SO who does she call? You guessed it…ME.  Her request – 4 hand-painted wood kites reflecting sorority life and mottos.  After hours of work and an hour-long drive up to deliver them to her at school in SF, here was the final product…



FINALLY a BOY!  How could I possibly turn down the chance to make my older sister’s baby shower cake when she is having the FIRST boy?!  (it’s a rarity in our fam!)  So of course, due to my schedule, I waited until Thursday night to start baking all four cakes, and Friday night to start the decorating for a 1pm baby shower on Saturday (which I was also throwing – decorations, food, games, the whole shebang)!  Needles to say, my choice of chocolate fondant for the bottom layer was not a smart one.  Upon the cracks and rips, the tears starting flowing at approximately 10pm.  I was about to throw it in the trash and stop by our local grocery store to buy a stock cake…BLAH!  I couldn’t let that happen, so I was determined to fix it and cover up all I could!  In the end, the shower was a HUGE success and the cake was a BIG hit!  Here it is…



A nap.




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